Averve vs the Competition

What the competition doesn’t want you to know.

There is one key piece of information that most dry ice blasting companies don’t want you to know:

Dry ice blasting equipment is NOT created equally!

While dry ice blasting – the process – is basically the same, the technology, design, operation, and effectiveness of the equipment is not.

Crown, Cork & Seal
Plant Engineer

We recently hired a contractor to perform dry ice cleaning in our plant. This gave us the opportunity to compare the performance of the Averve system with that of a competitor. I must tell you that the Averve system outperformed hands down due to the superior delivery of ice pellets and handling of the jet nozzle.

I then tried both machines myself. Using the Averve machine was fun and the contaminant was coming off like butter. However, I was ready to put down the competitor’s machine 10 seconds after I had picked it up – I didn’t want to use it anymore.

The Averve difference

At Averve, dry ice blasting and production equipment isn’t just part of our business – it is our business. It’s all we do.

No other company has had dedicated engineering and support staff working solely on advancing dry ice blasting technology for more than 25 years. That’s why Averve equipment is renowned as the highest quality and most effective dry ice blasting equipment on the market. And no other company has Averve’s global support network to be there for you after the sale.

Here is a brief summary of how some of the competition currently stacks up:

Comparison Table