Customer Testimonials


Aerospace Company (MO)

We use the equipment to remove carbonaceous deposits on aircraft and missile support systems as the first step of a paint-stripping process. Dry ice is an important part of the process because not only does it remove these deposits, but is also cools the surface being cleaned, which would otherwise be warped by over-heating during the subsequent stages. After several demonstrations by dry ice blasting companies, Averve was the only one able to demonstrate the kind of performance that we required for our cleaning needs.


Automobile Seat Manufacturer (OH)

Our molds are coated with release agents which buildup over time. The molds need to be cleaned down to the original surface. We used to clean our molds with hot water, then wipe them down by hand. This cleaning process was performed by 3 or 4 associates spending about 5 hours a day, it now takes 1 person 7 hours to do the same amount of work. Not only is dry ice blasting faster, it does a better job.


RobotWorx (OH)
Matt Schrift, Welding Engineer

Averve’s dry ice equipment has streamlined our used robot cleaning process. It used to take eight hours to clean a robot, now it only takes us two! Dry ice is an effective solution for robotic equipment because it doesn’t leave a moisture blanket on or inside the robot. Plus, it is gentle enough to clean electrical components.

We’ve been able to cut back on our use of chemical cleaning solvents. We use about 25% of what we used to, which makes us a much more environmentally friendly company.

Contract Cleaning

Pulido Cleaning and Restoration (FL)
Craig Pulido, Owner

It used to be we could send out possibly 3 to 4 guys for a week to do a job, where now we can send 2 guys out and we’re done in a day to a day and a half.

Clean Blast Inc (MI)

Thanks so much for the wonderful service and support that you have been right from the start. I got all the right information on how Averve equipment stands at the top with quality and support. It has been a pleasure doing business with Averve, your company has it together and have what it takes to be a great company in today’s world.


Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (HI)
Electrical Superintendent

We currently have 4 – 8MW diesel units, 5 – 3 MW diesel units, 2 15+ Gas Turbines and one steam turbine. With Averve Dry Ice Blast cleaning, the generators that took us 3-7 days were cleaned in about a day and a half. The ice blasting appears much more effective in the removal of contaminants on the stator and rotor and the ability for this device to get into places that wiping and scrubbing can not was immediately evident.

The savings in man-hours is dramatic. We could average 80-100 man-hours utilizing solvent. Averve Dry Ice Blasting has shortened our man-hours dramatically. What took us 80-100 man-hours now takes only 20-30 hours.

We continue to discover uses for the unit. The unit itself is very durable and built with quality material and craftsmanship. I, as well as the labor that physically does the cleaning are very impressed with this technology.

Food and Beverage

Food Manufacturing Company (OH)

The Averve dry ice blasting process has allowed us to maintain our lines in the cleanest condition they have ever been in. Our Maintenance Associates even use dry ice to clean motors while they are running. The dry ice cleaning has cut labor costs, reduced downtime and saved us money.

Our previous method of cleaning was hand scraping and flushing with water, which was slow and involved a great deal of clean-up. We have to pay for wastewater removal, and this cost has been lowered because of dry ice blasting. The equipment has paid for itself. When using a vat that had previously been used for peanut butter cookies for some other product, we have to be careful to remove even the slightest trace of peanut butter. Those consumers that are allergic to nuts could become very ill otherwise. Dry ice blast cleaning has proven to be the most thorough method we have used, since it can effectively clean even the most hard-to-get-at areas. I am a believer in this product.


Aluminum Die Casting Company (OH)

We used to use sandblasting and solvents to clean our molds. Since we have starting using Averve dry ice blasting equipment, our shop floor is safer now because sandblasting caused potential eye injuries and solvents created environmental hazards. Also, sand blasting led to sand particles getting into bearings and other moving equipment. Some of the equipment that we needed to clean had some rather hard-to-get-at surfaces and Averve was able to match a nozzle to the application and solved the problem.

Averve made the strongest commitment to continued service and support of all the manufacturers that we spoke to, and since our purchase we have been very satisfied with the service and support Averve has provided.

General Maintenance

Battery Manufacturing Company (SC)

In our manufacturing process there is a 300 foot draw chain that moves the parts throughout the plant. This chain picks up dirt and debris, and cleaning this chain was what originally made us consider dry ice blasting. It used to take 3 men 4 hours to clean the chain, now it takes 1 man 30 minutes to do the same job. Since then we have found several other uses for our machine. Averve dry ice blast cleaning is much more thorough and does not create additional mess. Averve dry ice blasting has been a great help to our maintenance efforts.

Mold Remediation

Advanced Indoor Air Quality
Thomas Monacelli, CIE, CMR, ASCS

When investigating the dry ice blasting industry, we were impressed by the feedback we received on Averve Equipment. We knew that they would help our company grow and profit in mold remediation.

The Averve sales staff was very helpful in answering all of our questions and made us feel confident in our company’s decision.

We were so impressed with our purchase that we have already purchased our second Averve machine.

As an expample, our time cleaning attics has been cut down to one fourth of the time it would have normally taken. We no longer have to encapsulate after cleaning. This has been saving us on time, labor, insurance and money. The Averve machines have many more uses within restoration and we are pursuing avenues to get involved in these areas, as well.

Granite State Environmental LLC
Brian S. Hansen

When I originally started shopping for a blasting unit I tried out a lot of machines but I chose the Coldjet Aero 30 because of its performance; and after using it for several months I know that I made the right choice. When I originally inquired, you were very confident about the machine’s performance when compared to the competitor’s products; but I was hearing the same kind of stories from the other sales people too, so I paid no attention. I figured that I would let the machines do the talking. So I tried out a few, including the Aero 30. Here is what I found:

  • You explained to me that the Aero 30 would save me money on ice because it is more efficient. You were right.
  • You said that the single-hose system would be flexible and expandable enough so that we could get to more hard-to-reach spaces than the double hose system would reach: you were right.
  • You told me that the unit would be a little quieter than the competition: you were wrong about that, it is a lot quieter.
  • You said that this unit was a little more money than some of the competitors but it is worth it: I agree. Money is always an issue when you own a small business, but I got quality and I am satisfied.
  • You said that the service would be good and that you would help me out whenever you could: you were right, you have.

I would recommend the Aero 30 to anyone considering a dry-ice blaster; especially if quality, performance, and service are valuable to them.


Crown, Cork & Seal
Plant Engineer

We recently hired a contractor to perform dry ice cleaning in our plant. This gave us the opportunity to compare the performance of the Averve system with that of a competitor. I must tell you that the Averve system outperformed hands down due to the superior delivery of ice pellets and handling of the jet nozzle.

I then tried both machines myself. Using the Averve machine was fun and the contaminant was coming off like butter. However, I was ready to put down the competitor’s machine 10 seconds after I had picked it up – I didn’t want to use it anymore. We are now considering purchasing our own system to continue to clean our plant.


Injection Molded Parts Company (TN)

In the past, our production would stop every day for an hour for cleaning, which was done manually with sandpaper. With dry ice, their downtime is reduced to 10-15 seconds, so it is very cost-effective. We also use dry ice blasting on our paint line. Wet paint and grease are easily removed; the ice congeals the paint and grease and then the dry ice equipment blasts it off. Hand cleaning cannot compare with dry ice, it goes where rags and solvents can’t reach.

Ball Plastics (CA)
Dave Westbrook / Department Manager

My current company Ball Corporation purchased a Averve dry ice machine in our P.E.T. manufacturing facility. We bought the unit under the assumption of lowering man-hours during cleaning applications. The machine has performed as advertised for cleaning molds, air conveyors, etc. Our man-hours have been lowered for these specific jobs and the unit has given us the ability to clean some equipment without removing it from the machines. Averve provided adequate training on the machines in our facility, and also provided adequate response time to our questions and concerns.

Every application is different but I would be surprised if there was a manufacturing facility that could not benefit from the use of a Averve unit.


Printing Company (KS)

Since implementing the Averve dry ice cleaning process, we are seeing the benefits of this process on cleaning waterbase inks off our presses. We have reduced our downtime as well as cost in our cleaning process. Our cleaning program has been very successful and continues to generate more cost savings.


Tire Manufacturer (OH)

We are impressed with the equipment’s durability and believe that it could stand up to anything short of being run over by a hi-lo. Our unit cleans anything that we have to be cleaned and dry ice blasting has tremendously cut cleaning time at our plant. Averve is a super company to work with.


Veneer Wood Manufacturing Company

We were cleaning our equipment with solvents and hand scraping and wanted to eliminate the use of solvents so we decided to try Averve dry ice blasting. With the use of Averve dry ice blasting equipment, we have noticed a reduction in equipment downtime by at least a couple hours. We have also noticed a much better cleaning job than we were able to accomplish with hand scraping and solvents. The Averve equipment cleans really, really well.