XP Total User Experience | Dry Ice Blasting & Production Equipment Malaysia

Using our experience to improve your experience

With decades of trusted global leadership and thousands of unique solutions installed worldwide, we continue to leverage the breadth and depth of our application and customer understanding to drive new product and solution developments. With our latest development, we have focused our efforts on your needs. Our customers asked for an improved user experience and we delivered with new accessories that are designed to prioritize ergonomics, safety and ease of use for the end user.


XP Total User Experience Accessories Provide:

  • Ergonomics/Comfort
    Added ergonomics and reduced weight, facilitating a longer, more comfortable user blast cycle
  • Flexibility
    Improved hose flexibility and bend radius, enabling the end user to more comfortably clean overhead and at harsh angles
  • Speed
    Patented SureFlow technology with quick disconnect fittings, providing faster start-up and shut-down and reducing downtime
  • Safety
    Surpassed global safety standards with the addition of visible and tactile indicators, sealed switches and multi-step functions
  • Reliability/Durability
    Increased reliability due to passing the most stringent stress tests, allowing for overall asset savings and equipment longevity
  • Performance
    Enhanced applicator with dual triggers, sealed electrical switches, tough outer shell and designed water release channels to protect against moisture, grit and drop damage
  • Precision
    Light weight MicroClean precision accessories can now be added to traditional Cold Jet systems, transforming them into precision machines that clean complex cavities they previously could not reach

The newest accessories include the Performance Applicator, 8 foot and 20 foot Silicone Blast Hoses, Precision Kit and SureFlow Quick Disconnect Fittings – all designed for improved comfort, flexibility, safety and ease of use on the already reliable accessories that are part of Cold Jet’s definitive brand.

Experience Performance

Performance Applicator

  • Dual triggers for drop protection, clearly identified blasting controls and a visible LED let your team know when the system is ready for use
  • Sealed electrical switches, tough outer shell and designed water release channels protect against moisture, grit and drop damage
  • Two built-in, industrial grade lights illuminate your surface, allowing you to cover the most area
  • Research-driven development of ergonomic handle and trigger design with proper weight distribution makes this a comfortable applicator
  • Extra accessory port that is perfect for an additional light, a GoPro camera for marketing needs or an industrial stand to easily guide the applicator without shouldering the hose

Experience Precision

Precision Kit

  • You can now maximize the best ergonomic experience by adding the light weight MicroClean Precision accessories to your pellet systems and blast in hard to reach areas traditional systems could not

Experience Flexibility

8 foot and 20 foot Silicone Blast Hoses

  • Cold Jet’s lightest and most flexible blast hoses, starting less than 10lbs or 4.5kg
  • Keep your hoses cleaner and lighter with an outer wrap that repels moisture and easily wipes down after use
  • When blasting with extended lengths of hose, simply attach the 8ft silicone blast hose at the applicator for a lighter and more comfortable blasting user experience

Experience SureFlow

SureFlow Quick Disconnect Fittings

  • Save time by quickly connecting your blast hoses and applicator with ultra light quick disconnect fittings
  • Fittings are aerodynamically customized to ensure full particle flow through the fitting, maintaining particle integrity for maximum performance
  • Cold Jet SureFlow Quick Disconnect Fittings are removable, so the end user can continue to use them on replacement hoses